Rules & Regs
Posted: March 2019


  1. Eligible Players: Only General Insurance Brokers, Adjusters, Appraisers, Company Personnel and affiliated business associates are eligible.
  2. A player may only play for one team in this tournament. Special consideration may be given to all players, but only due to sickness or injury.
  3. The clear the zone offside rule applies. The centerline is not used for offside, but is used for icing calls.
  4. Slap shots ARE ALLOWED in the following divisions: A & B Divisions.
  5. All OTHER divisions: Slapshots are NOT ALLOWED. Called at the knee: faceoff to own end zone.
  6. Any player physically or verbally abusing any game or tournament official will be ejected from the tournament.
  7. Any player assessed a match penalty, major penalty for fighting or hitting from behind, will be ejected from the game and/or tournament.
  8. Any player assessed three (3) penalties in a game will receive a game misconduct. An alternate player will serve the penalty. The player may return to play the next game unless one or more penalties are assessed under Rules 5 & 6 above. (Rules 5 & 6 take precedence.)
  9. Protest rules:
    • Games must be protested no later than fifteen minutes after the game in question;
    • A $100.00 cash bond must accompany a written protest. This is a non-refundable bond if protest is lost
    • All decisions of the Tournament Committee are final;
    • Only misinterpretation of the "The Tournament Rules" by a referee may be protested.
  10. Team contacts, managers and coaches will be responsible for the conduct of and any damages incurred by their team.
  11. To start a game teams must have eight (8) players and a goalie dressed and on the ice. A five-minute grace period past the scheduled time of the game will be allowed to start the game. The team forfeits the game after that period. The clock will start 1 minute after the 3 minute warm up and run until the first stoppage of play.
  12. Games must start at scheduled times. Teams that delay the start of a game will be assessed a minor penalty. The penalty will apply from the point of the puck drop.
  13. If a team is losing by five (5) or more goals after the START of the third period, running time will take effect to the conclusion of the game. It will not stop until time expires regardless of the score.
  14. Tie score in playoff games:
    • A five (5) minute sudden death stop time period is played, 3 on 3
    Player changes must be made on the fly: no changes allowed at a whistle.
  15. If score is still tied a shoot out will apply:
    • A group of three and then alternating single shooters until a winner is declared.
    • Order of first three shooters must be declared prior to the game.
    • All players (excluding goalkeepers) must shoot before any player can shoot twice
  16. In the event that two or more teams are tied after round robin play, the tie will be broken as follows:
    • Head to Head: If teams are tied, the winner of the head to head game finishes higher. Head to Head will only apply when two teams are tied.
    • Plus/Minus: If the teams remain tied, Goals for, minus goals against, will be tallied for all round robin games. The tied teams will be ranked from greatest to least with a maximum +7 or -7 for each game.
    • If the teams are still tied, the fewest goals allowed wins. (No max/min)
    • If still tied the most goals for, wins. (No max/min)
    • If the teams are still tied a draw for position will take place.
  17. Rulebook to be used is the Hockey Canada Rules.


    CSA Helmets are required for all players, no exception.

    • Although not mandatory, it is the recommendation of the tournament committee that all players wear C.S.A. approved face shields, not optional for goalkeepers.
    • It is the option of the tournament committee to move a team to another division.
    • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in the dressing rooms. If you are found to have alcohol anywhere but the licensed lounge your team will be ejected from the tournament.

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